Nano War iOS (2013)

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Mobile game on iOS (iPhone and iPad). Real Time Strategy game (RTS) with multiplayer and solo modes.

Game design, level design, développement Objective-C with cocos2d-iphone, sound design.

Awards: +100 000 downloads on the AppStore.

The Game You Art (2014)

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Game developed in 48h during the 2914 Global Game Jam in Marseille (France).
Unity Game, type: puzzle/platformer.

Game design, level design, sound design, 2D design, Unity development.

The WTF Game experience (2012)

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Puzzle game with physics in a crazy world with a lot of Internet memes.

Game design, level design, ActionScript development, sound design.

Color Fish – Teisseire (2012)

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Flash puzzle game on Facebook for the Teisseire Brand.
Game design, level design, Flash development, ActionScript 3, sound design.

Nano War 2 (2011)

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Real Time Strategy game with multiplayer mode and level editor.
Game design, level design, Flash development, ActionScript 3, 2D design, sound design.

Awards: 5M plays.

Take Something Literally (2009)

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Flash game, creative puzzle compilation games.
Game design, level design, sound design, Flash development, ActionScript 3.

Awards: 75M plays.