Benoît Freslon

I’m a Game Designer and a Flash, Unity, mobile, iOS, Android developer as a freelance. I’m also an indie game developer since 2005.

Most of my independant games has been played millions times.

You can find on this website my creations, my CV, and my email address.

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Flappy Fart Saga (2014)

Play on KongregateDownload on iTunesDownload on Google Play

Flappy Bird clone developed in 48h in order to test the cross platform feature of Unity3D.
Unity Game (web, iOS, Android).

Game design, level design, sound design, 2D design, Unity development.

Roll And Jump (2009)

Play on Kongregate, Download on Google Play

Flash game (Air for Android), Arcade game type.
Game design, level design, 2D design, Flash development, ActionScript 3.