CleanLand – Cleanance (2014)

Play on Facebook

Facebook game for Cleneance brand.
Flash development, ActionScript 3.0.

Jump’Box – Fleury Michon (2013)

Jouer sur Facebook

Jeu Flash de plateformes sur Facebook.
Game design, développement Flash, ActionScript, Starling, Stage3D, soud design, level design.

Color Fish – Teisseire (2012)

Play sur Facebook

Flash puzzle game on Facebook for the Teisseire Brand.
Game design, level design, Flash development, ActionScript 3, sound design.

Big Ali is PacMan – Sony Music (2011)

Flash game on Facebook. Gameplay of the original PacMan with a 3D isometric view.

Game design, level design, Flash development, ActionScript 3.

Garden Rush – MesmoGames (2011)

Flash game on Facebook. Time management game.

Développement Flash, ActionScript 3.